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Play sic bo online free ancient Chinese game

Sic bo is a very old and rather ancient game, which takes its origins to China. It involves three dices but the original name can be interpreted as dice pair. The game can be played at lots of modern online casinos and before starting to play, it is crucial to understand how the rules and payouts work. Play sic bo games online for free will offer lots of fun and in depth understanding of how the rules are implemented, so before playing for real money a player built up plenty of confidence.

Here are the benefits:

  • Provides wonderful leisure time
  • Many online resources will not require download or even a registration
  • Instant play is available
  • No money will be lost
  • Experience will be gained
  • Rules will be understood in depth
  • Law restrictions will never apply for making bet whilst play sic bo online free

All in all this is a great game that will provide some wonderful time for its participants.

How to play sic bo?

The rules of this game are very simple because a player has to make the bet on the outcome of three dices roll. Before that the bet has to be made on a specially designed table.

Here are the details of sic bo strategy play online free bets:

  • Single-Die Bet is when at least of one dices shows the exact number a player placed his bet on.
  • Two-Dice Combination is when at least two numbers that a player has made the bet on are displayed on two dices, for instance one and five.
  • Big is when the overall sum of three dices fits in 11 and 17 but not actually triple.
  • Small is when the overall sum of three dices fits in 4 and 10 but not actually triple.
  • Total is when overall sum of all three dices adds up of the actual score that a player placed its bet on. So, if a player bet on 12 any combination up top 12 will result a win: 4,4,4 2,5,5 3,4,5 etc.
  • Specific Double is when two dices display 6the exact two numbers that a player placed his bet on.
  • Any triple is when play sic bo online free displays any three numbers, which are the same. No matter what number it is.
  • Specific triple is when three exactly the same numbers are displayed, which the bet has been made on.

Each combination has different payouts starting from as low as 1 to 1 and 180 to 1 in a specific triple.

Best slots

There are lots of different slots that provide sic bo to players. It is highly recommended to play this game for free because different strategies and scenario probabilities may be tried. The payout system can be learnt and players can understand what is better for them. Here are the slots that regarded as the best:


Lots of resources that provide the facility to play sic bo online free may offer casino bonus to every player who joins in and starts playing the game online. Every resource may offer different terms and conditions.

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