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Sic Bo online: how to play it

Sic Bo is a fast-paced Asian dice game from Asia, which is offered at the online casinos for a relatively short time. Although it looks a bit chaotic, Sic Bo online (Sic Bo can be translated as “Big”, “Small”) is relatively quick and easy to learn to get large wins.

As the name Sic Bo suggests, the game has no European origin. Its roots are in a centuries-old game in China, which was played with stones. At the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese emigrants brought it to the United States. Original Sic Bo is played with special dice with symbols. This traditional variant is still to be found today in the Asian casinos in Macau. However, online Sic Bo gambling has become increasingly popular everywhere. Some providers even have live tables in their portfolio.

Sic Bo online: how to play it

The basic rules are relatively simple. The game is played with three 6-sided dice. A gambler always plays against the bank. Before each roll, they can bet on one or more results on a tableau.

Basically, they can place as many bets they want, as long as they do not exceed the table and their own limits.

Betting opportunities

The game board looks a bit confusing at first glance, but after a few games they will find out that it is logical. In addition, all possible uses are also shown on the respective cube sides, so that they can find their way around immediately. Here are different betting options when gamblers play Sic Bo online:

  1. Small — Big numbers in Sic Bo online. Betting on small numbers, the player wins if the dice shows four – ten points. In a three or 11- 17 points they lose. Betting on big numbers, the player needs 11- 17 points. They lose if the total is 18 or between three and ten points.
  2. Single number. One can bet on the numbers between 1 and 6. The payout depends on how often the number appears.
  3. Two dice. In this bet, they predict 2 of the 3 dice, for example 2 + 3, 6 + 4 or 1 + 5. If a player wins, they will be paid out at odds of 5:1.
  4. Double Bets. At least 2 double numbers (2 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 + 4, and so on) must appear. If this happens, the payout is 10:1.
  5. Triple Bets. One can also bet on three equal numbers. The winnings are paid at 30:1. When wagering on a certain triplet, a win is rewarded with a quota of 180:1.

The best slots

The most respected casinos offer users to play Sic Bo online free. As soon as the game is not as popular as Poker or Roulette, those who choose it even get special bonuses. All Slots casino has these games, and it even explains the rules of the classic variant.

Aruze Gaming offers Sic Bo online live variants. Uptown Aces is also the web resource, where gamblers can find this entertainment with dice involved.

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