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Sic bo is a popular casino where you can win

Initially, the game Sik Bo was invented in China. If you translate the name “Sik Bo” from Chinese, you get a “Pair of cubes.” Although the name says two, in fact, in the online casino, three dice are used. The rules of the game are extremely simple – the player must bet on a certain number of points dropped on the dice.

After that, click on the “Roll” button and the cubes will automatically roll. Further, if the result is correct, then the player wins, if not, then loses accordingly. Different types of bets are accepted on a special field with numerous fields. Payout amounts are calculated based on the established ratios.

Sic Bo is popular in China as well as other Asian countries. Numerous immigrants from Asian countries, dispersed around the world, have made the game popular in other parts of the world. For example, now it is offered in many casinos in Las Vegas.

How to play Newbie

You can make multiple bets at the same time. There are four types of bets in Sic Bo game:

  • Small or big bet.
  • With a small bet, the player wins if the amount of points from 4 to 10 is accumulated on the dice.
  • With a big bet – if it’s from 11 to 18. When three identical numbers appear on the dice, the small and big bets lose. The gain is 1 to 1.

Single bet

When betting on a number, you choose one number (from 1 to 6), and if it falls on the dice, you win. The gain depends on how many cubes this number falls on. If on one – then the gain is 1 to 1. If on two dice – 2 to 1. If on three – 3 to 1.

Bet on a couple of numbers

The player bets on one of the fifteen possible combinations of two numbers. For example, by 3 and 4 or 2 and 6. If a player guesses two drawn numbers, then the win will be 5 to 1.

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The player bets on the total amount of dice. It is possible to bet on a number from 4 to 17, since the sum of 3 and 18 points can be obtained only with three identical numbers on the dice. Winnings vary according to the number chosen. The numbers 4 and 17 are paid 60 to 1. The numbers 5 and 16 are 30 to 1.

The numbers 6 and 15 are 17 to 1. The numbers 7 and 14 are 12 to 1. The numbers 8 and 13 are 8 to 1. The numbers are from 9 to 12 – 6 to 1. Live casino sic bo provides any gambler with the opportunity to spend their free time in a popular game and earn money. Every gambler can play and win.

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