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How to win live casino Sic Bo

Live casino Sic Bo – is a Chinese expression for a “pair of dice”. This game came to us from ancient China. Despite the name, three dice are used in this game. The idea of this game is simple – you are betting on a specific outcome of bone loss. Then the bones will be thrown. If the result is what you bet on, you will win; if not, you will lose your bet.

This game is very simple, it does not require any complicated calculations or additional actions from the player, except for making bets. Like Roulette Sic Bo has a lot of different bets. All bets must be placed in separate “pockets”. Composite rates for intersections, as in roulette, are absent.

How to play live casino Sic Bo

The mechanism of the game in live casino Sic Bo is as simple as possible:

  • Select a chip by clicking on it, then place the chip on the appropriate part of the Betting table. You can place several chips with different denominations within different bets, if you wish.
  • Click on the Roll Dice button when you are ready to start playing Sic Bo

Note: You can delete chips and start again by clicking on the Clear button.

Best slots to play live casino Sic Bo

Let’s look at slot machines that will allow you to fully enjoy the exciting game of Sic Bo.


The slot began to function back in 2010. Since then, he has gained worldwide fame and today is very popular. The maximum win here is 30,000 coins. The RTP is 89.12%, which is a high rate. The minimum rate is 2 dollars or euros, the maximum rate is 300 dollars or euros.


This is another live dealer sic bo casino that boasts a high-quality interface. Design will allow the user to feel the whole taste of the game. Amazing animation adds a lot of realism. When the game starts, the user as if approaches the gaming table and begins his victorious path.

Thanks to a large number of tips, the user will easily understand the options. The playing field is painted in red, on which all the moves and combinations are drawn. The game has unobtrusive music. In a word, all conditions are created for a player.


This layer offers players a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the game. For the most comfortable game, a faucet with buttons for betting is placed in front of the user.

On the panel, you can also select many other options: how many cubes to use (1-3), the number of points drawn on the die, the size of the bet, its type (small, big) and so on. A feature of this slot is the presence of a chat where you can chat with like-minded people during the game.

Use your knowledge and win now!

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